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Vacation Rental with a Private Chef

Would you like someone else to do the cooking, for a change?

Then think about booking luxurious vacation rental with a private chef, where all of your foodie desires are met and you don’t even have to step foot outside for meals?  While on your holiday, don’t make those annoying dinner reservations every night – instead be pampered by a private chef!

Booking a vacation rental with a private chef takes the planning and guesswork out of your much-needed holiday. The best part about it is that there are so many of these all-inclusive bits of paradise to choose from. Consequently, Viva Las Villas offers a wide range of different villas to suit your taste.

vacation rental with a private chef
A most exquisitely handcrafted wooden table, comfortably seats eight guests.

The Perks of Vacation Rentals with a Private Chef

Having your own in-house chef will free up some of your time so you won’t have to prepare any meals or go grocery shopping. Particularly, you can relax and enjoy more time with your loved ones in your luxurious vacation house.  What can be better than enjoying the best of both worlds: a relaxing evening in a beautiful house with the luxury of having an exquisite meal prepared for you.

Your personal chef will prepare a mouth-watering meal made from fresh ingredients and the finest locally-sourced produce.  It will be served to you in your dining room or kitchen.

You Are the Boss

When booking a vacation rental with a private chef, your chef will work with you to provide 1-2 meals a day based on your needs. You get to decide – what days and times – all on YOUR schedule. Your chef is here for you, ready when you are. In addition to cooking the meal, they will take care of all the grocery shopping. It is their job to choose only the freshest ingredients and bring them back to your vacation villa for them to whip up into a glorious meal.

Flexibility is expected and they can whip up something for you at your whim, just say the word. If you just returned from a long day of sightseeing and are feeling a bit puckish, your chef can prepare relaxing meal. Your chef can serve your meals with or without alcohol. It is all at your discretion.

vacation rentals with private chefs
Watch your private chef prepare your fine cuisine in front of your very eyes, its quite a treat !

Pamper your Palette

Meal planning is just the beginning. Pick from a world of different cuisines, especially some typical Costa Rican food. Whether it is down-home casual cooking, the finest gourmet dinner, or a buffet of different culinary delights, your chef will work with you.

Let your tastes and desires run wild because truly, the sky is the limit when it comes to cuisine. For instance, do you want to try Indian food one evening and Mexican the next? It would be your chef’s pleasure. What about dessert? Your chef will work with you and your palette to bring only the best.

private chefs in vacation villas
A marvelous cake. made just for you … Enjoy !

Special diets are also no problem. Just let your chef know of any dietary restrictions and he will prepare your meals accordingly.

In conclusion, having a personal chef with your vacation rental is the ultimate in convenience and luxury. Contact us for more details.