Manuel Antonio Local Activities

Manuel Antonio Local Activities
Activities - Sport Fishing

World Class Sports Fishing

The port of Quepos is known as one of the top ten best fishing destinations in the world. During the peak month from November through April it is not unusual for anglers to release up to fifteen sailfish in a day. While you are out, you also have a good chance of raising a Blue, Black, or Striped Marlin, as well as Dorado (Mahi Mahi), Yellowfin Tuna, and Wahoo. For those of you who enjoy big game fly fishing there are various companies who specialize in fly fishing for Sailfish, Marlin, and so on.


Manuel Antonio National Park

Follow a professional naturalist guide through one of Costa Rica’s most famous National Parks. Along this three-hour moderate walk the guide will open your eyes to the wonders of this tropical rainforest and its natural history. You may spot two or three species of monkeys, white-nosed coati-mondis, agoutis, sloths, iguanas, butterflies and various birds. After the tour you may spend some time exploring the beautiful beaches within the park, so take along your bathing suit and beach towel. All online website builders come click here with a library of website templates.

Activities - CANOPY TOUR

Canopy Tour

This canopy tour can be enjoyed by people of all ages. You will travel on suspension cables from platform to platform while enjoying the moist tropical forest teeming with wildlife. The cables and harnesses were designed by expert engineers. The steel cables are ½ inch thick, and the 14 platforms can hold up to 2,000 pounds for your safety. The 11 cables total over 1,500 meters – over 1 mile! Ride through the canopy of the primary and secondary forest where you will see many different types of animals, birds and plants.

Activities - JET SKI SAFARIS

Jet Ski Safaris

Bilingual guides lead you across the beautiful Pacific coastline where you will see the hidden bays, islands and beaches around the national park. In this marine world you will encounter dolphins and have an opportunity to see turtles, sea birds, and sometimes whales.

Activities - SEA KAYAKING

Sea Kayaking

A more challenging open ocean paddle along one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful coastlines. Nearby islands are nesting sites for Boobies and Frigate birds. Stop for a swim and snacks in isolated Biseanz Bay and lunch at the end of the trip, near the National Park.


Damas Island Kayaking

While paddling protected inland waterways, this is a great place to experience the magical coastal mangrove area, view wildlife and many different birds and other water life.

Activities - RIVER RAFTING

World Class Sports Fishing

Costa Rica offers some of the worlds best whitewater rafting and kayaking rivers. Wild and untamed, these big, brash rivers plunge through spectacularly beautifully, largely, unexplored tropical wilderness. Enjoy with us our tropical rivers, whether an expert or beginner, nature lover or thrill seeker, rafting enthusiastic or active kayaker, one of our expeditions is for you.


River Rafting

This beautiful half day tour of horseback riding features an abundance of colorful birds and an incredible double waterfall that invites you in for a jungle swim. Your experienced, bilingual guide will help you discover the richness of the land and the wildlife as you ride through primary and secondary rainforest. The views of the valley and the surrounding tropical forests are truly spectacular!!


Damas Island Mangrove

Join us on one of the areas most popular and unique tours. Relax on the covered boat and float through the complex estuary system of Damas Island. Your professional guide will point out the biological wonders that create the magical world of the mangroves.

Activities - 4x4 ADVENTURE

4×4 Adventure

This is an exciting half day on a four-wheeler to the Naranjo and Londres area, traveling through palm plantations, farmland, and rainforest. You will drive on bridges, through creeks, and visit waterfalls ranging from 30 to 40 meters high which cascade into clear water pools and run alongside typical country track. You will also encounter many species of animals that reflect the natural diversity of the area.

Activities - SUNSET SAIL

Sunset Sail

Your adventure aboard this classic yacht begins as you sail down the scenic coast past the beautiful beaches and islands of Manuel Antonio National Park. As the boat glides quietly you will probably see dolphins that often swim in the boats bow wake and occasionally whales and giant sea turtles.